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Room Booking and Study Spaces

You can book a room through Booker ( which allows you to search for and book a room that suits your needs. Group study rooms can be booked for two hour slots and individual study rooms for four hour slots. You can only book one space per day, but if you come to the library and find a room free you can use it without booking, and you can always check that it’s not reserved on Booker too. 

You can talk anywhere on Floor 0. On Floor 1, you cannot talk in the large or small Headspace rooms, but you can talk on the other parts of this floor. On Floor 01 there is a large collaborative study room that you can talk in. However, the rest of Floor 01 is a silent study area, so please keep conversations to a reasonable volume inside the collaborative study room. All the other floors are silent study areas. On these floors, you can only talk in the designated bookable Group Study Rooms and on the stairwells, but please keep noise levels reasonable so those studying on the reading floors are not disturbed. 

Yes. If you need more privacy, please try to book a Group Study Room which has a door. The only suitable bookable rooms are: on Floors 1,2 and 3 - rooms 1.34, 2.39 and 3.39; on Floor 01 - rooms 01.40 to 01.45; on Floor 02 – rooms 02.48, 02.49 and 02.50. You can book these rooms 7 days in advance, and they are very popular so please book early on Booker here. There is also a soundproof pod on Floor 0 suitable for 1 or 2 people which is currently available on a first-come, first-served basis and is not yet bookable. This is situated opposite the Library Helpdesk in the printer area, behind the borrowing machines.