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E-Resources and Off-Campus Access

If the e-resource you need is an eBook, try searching for the title and author on Books+. If nothing comes up that matches the eBook you need, this likely means we don’t have access to it. However, you can request that we purchase a copy using our Book suggestion form.  

If the e-resource you need is a journal article, try searching for the journal title in our list of A-Z journals. If the journal doesn’t come up as a search result, we likely don’t have access to it. Or, if the journal does come up, please check if the date range we have access to matches the publishing date of the article you wish to read. See Example below:

Find Journals screenshot

If we don’t have access to the journal, or if our subscription doesn’t cover the date range you need, please submit an Interlending request for the article. Our interlending team will do their best to get a copy of the article to you. 

You can always double check if UEA Library provides access to an e-resource by contacting the Library Helpdesk team. We can check our catalogue and databases for you, and we can assist you with requesting access if needed.

We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome to access our e – resources. To check you have the latest version, go to the three dots on the right-hand side of the browser, click on Help then choose About Google Chrome, and it will automatically update the browser for you. 

To check you have the latest version of other web browsers, see this link for more information

Stored Cookies sometimes cause issues with e –resources, so if you keep getting messages Error 403, or “Oops something went wrong”, then it’s likely your cookies need deleting. Alternatively, you can try opening an incognito/private tab or try accessing the e-resource from a different web browser. 

Signing in to UEA Library e-resources requires a UEA username and password. These credentials are different to the NHS Open Athens login credentials we give to Medicine and Health Sciences students. 

Downloading the Lean Library browser tool will help you get access, and logged-in, to UEA Library e-resources

If you have tried the above and are still having issues accessing an e-resource, please contact the Library Helpdesk team who will be able to investigate the problem for you further.

When it comes to downloading e-books for offline use, there is a mixture of formats available to you. Some providers have their chapters or e-books in a PDF format that can be downloaded directly, and others have theirs protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). All our e-books on the EBook Central and EBSCOhost platform are like this, so before you can download the e-book you must install the Adobe Digital Editions software. This is freely available here -

Links to these two providers help pages are below:

EBook Central -

EBSCOhost- &dbs=nlebk#downloadebook