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Library Jargon

We know some Library terms can be confusing for our users, so we've put together a guide to Library jargon. Take a look through our alphabetised sections to discover more. UEA also has its own jargon and acronyms help page.

Academic Librarian

UEA Academic Librarians have specialist knowledge about the subjects they cover. The Academic Librarian for your subject can help you with finding good quality resources for your research or assignment.

Account Freezing

If you haven't returned an item that someone else has requested after the 7 day grace period, your library account will be frozen. This means you cannot borrow any more items, and any other items that you have on loan will not be renewed. Your account will remain frozen until you return the requested item. After you have returned the requested item, please contact the Library Helpdesk team and ask them to unfreeze your library account.


The UEA Library Archives and special collections are on Floor 02 of the Library. You can arrange to view material from the archives by contacting the Archive team in advance of your visit.


Books+ is a slimmed down version of the UEA Library catalogue, and it will only search for print books, eBooks and DVDs. We recommend using Books+ if you only want to see search results for books.

Call Number / Classmark

The sequence of numbers and letters which form part of the location of the item - e.g. HG 456 DAL. Call numbers explained.


An individual silent study room. You can find the individual silent study carrels around the edges of Floors 3 and 2. Our wheelchair accessible carrel is on Floor 01. Floorplans.

Catalogue / Library Catalogue

The Library Catalogue is an online database that lists all of the items we have in the library, both on the shelves and digitally. You can view the Library Catalogue on dedicated PCs in the Library, or by using our Library Search.

Click and Collect

A free service for UEA staff, students and external borrowers who are unable to collect items from the Library shelves by themselves, or who haven't been able to find an item on their own. You can request that Library staff collect up to 5 items per day for you, and you will be able to collect them from the Library at your own convenience. Make a click and collect request.


Curriculum and Learning Resources Collection - This collection is for students who are studying for a PGCE or education degree and need resources to support their teaching sessions. Books in this collection have call numbers that start with LT. You can find the CLRC room on Floor 1 of the Library.


Centre for Staff and Educational Development - This is a collection of resources designed to help UEA staff with their professional practice and development. Items from this collection can only be borrowed by UEA staff members. You can find the CSED collection on Floor 1 of the Library.

DHL Collect From Home Service

A free service for anyone who is unable to come to campus to return UEA Library items in person. We will arrange for a DHL courier to collect your UEA Library items from any UK address (excluding on campus addresses). Make a DHL request.

Digital Repository

A searchable digital archive of research produced by staff and research postgraduates of University of East Anglia. Often used to search for UEA PhD theses. UEA Digital Repository.

DLCT / Collections Team / E-services Team

The Digital Library and Content Team (DLCT) encompasses our collections team and e-services team. If you would like us to purchase a new book or e-book your request will go through to DLCT. Or, if you are having a complex issue with accessing a digital resource, you may be put in touch with e-services for some expert help.

Drop Box

A metal box located outside the Library entrance where you can return any library items. Items deposited in drop boxes will usually be collected and returned from your account within 24 hours.

Due Date

When you borrow an item from the Library, you will be given a due date. For normal loan items the due date will be in 7 days time, and for High Demand items the due date will be in 3 days time. UEA Library books renew automatically so you won't have to bring the item back on the due date unless someone else has requested it. If an item you have borrowed is requested by someone else, you will receive an email to let you know that it needs to be returned.

High Demand / High Demand Collection

High Demand books are our most popular items. They work the same way as normal loan books, but they automatically renew every 3 days, instead of every 7 days. You can find High Demand books in the High Demand Collection behind the Library Helpdesk on Floor 0.

Hold / Hold Request

When you need an item that is out on loan you can request it. Once the item is returned to the Library we will keep it to one side for you to collect - this is called putting the item on hold.

ILL / Interlending / Inter-Library Loan

This is a free service which allows you to access items from other university libraries without having to visit them in person. If UEA Library doesn't have an item you need, you can make an Interlending request and we will try to borrow the item from another library.


A self service borrowing machine. The borrowing kiosks are opposite the Library Helpdesk on Floor 0.

LEAN Library

A free browser plug in tool that tells you if UEA Library has access to online resources when you are searching outside of the Library catalogue e.g. on Google Scholar. LEAN Library explained.

Library Account

Your Library account is where you can keep track of what you have borrowed. You can also check on any requests that you have made.

Library Helpdesk Team / User Experience Team

If you need help using Library services, speak first to our Helpdesk team. You can find them at the Library Helpdesk on Floor 0, or contact them by email, live chat or phone.

Library Search

Library Search lets you search everything that we have access to, including print books, eBooks, journal articles and more.

Main Shelves

Where our normal loan books are kept. Most books in the Library will be on the main shelves.


Multifunctional Device - the technical name for the Library printers. They are called MFDs because they can do more than just print; you can also use them to photocopy or scan.

Oversize Shelves

Where our normal loan books that are too big to go on the main shelves are kept. Oversize shelves are clearly labelled.

Papercut / PrintPlus

The software used to print in the Library.

Postal Loan

A free service for UEA staff and students who are unable to come to the Library in person to use our print only material (i.e. when there is no online alternative that can be used). We will post print items anywhere in the UK, excluding addresses on UEA campus. Postal loan request.


Reference - this indicates that the book cannot be borrowed, it is only for use in the Library building.

Research Reserve

The Library's offsite store for less frequently used print journals that we don't have space for in the building. You can request to view any item from our research reserve by submitting a request form. We aim to have the item ready for you to use in UEA Library within 2 working days of your request. Research reserve request.


Shelves where we keep books that have been returned, but have not yet been put back in their correct place.

Rolling Stack

Shelves on Floor 02 which can be moved to access items.


A free to join scheme that allows UK university students to use other university libraries.

Sensus Access

A free to use self-service conversion tool for creating documents in accessible formats. You can use it to convert documents into a range of alternate media including audio books, e-books, and digital Braille. The service can also be used to convert documents such as image-only PDF files, JPG pictures and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into more accessible formats. Discover more about our accessibility and assistive technology.


The Sainsbury Research Unit. Located within the Sainsbury Centre, the Sainsbury Research Unit houses the Robert Sainsbury Library. If a book is held in the Robert Sainsbury Library, its location will show on the Library catalogue as "Sainsbury Research Unit Library SRU".

Subject Guides

Subject Guides can help you find useful resources for your assignments, and they are tailored specifically for your subject.


The last name on your UEA campus card. 

The Extension

The newer part of the Library building that sticks out from the main part of the Library. On Floors 0 and 1 the extension contains the IT suites, on Floors 2, 3 and 01 it contains bookshelves and study spaces, and on Floor 01 it contains the Rolling Stack.

Vacation Loan

Over the Winter and Easter vacation, we activate vacation loans. This means all normal loan items that you have borrowed will not be due until after the vacation is over. We do this so you won't have to worry about returning anything to the Library if you are away from campus for the vacation.

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