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How to Borrow

Learn how to borrow and return books at UEA Library. Plus, learn about our High Demand collection and how call numbers work.

Call Numbers Explained

So, you've found the item you want in the catalogue and you've got the Call Number...what next? 

What Is a Call Number?

Every item in the Library has a Call Number, which classifies the book by its subject matter and tells you where to find it in the Library. 

An example of a Call Number is; P 293 BRE.

Each Call Number has 3 sections;

P – letters identify a broad subject area

293 – numbers (and sometimes more letters) further define the subject area

BRE – letters identify the author, usually the first three letters of the author surname

3 Steps to Finding Your Book

  1. When searching for a book, first find the section of the Library which contains the initial letters. In this example, P is on Floor 2. Signs on the ends of the book stacks will help you, as well as floorplans in the main stairs.
  2. When you have found the relevant area in the Library, progress within it until you find the section which matches the numbers in the second section of the call number. Lowest numbers will be at the beginning of the P section, highest numbers will be at the end of the P section.

    Within this part of the call number, there might also be letters in a second section following the numbers. Always search by letter first in that second section – so, 293.AB321 would be earlier in the sequence than 293.ND123

  3. Finally, within the P 293 section, search alphabetically until you find the relevant final section of the classmark.

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