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Accessibility & Assistive Technology

Discover our accessibility services and useful technology tools. Find out more about how to access Library books easily and online.

A student using a height adjustable desk with a text overlay reading "Accessibility and Assistive Technology"

The Library is committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive and accessible environment for everyone.

If you require the information on this page in a different format, or want to find out more about how we can help with your specific needs, please get in touch with the Library Helpdesk.

How to navigate this page: Below is some key information to help you get started. The left hand menu contains links to pages with information about other services we offer which may be of use to you.


Accessing the Library Building

There are lifts in the Library which provide access to all floors. There are power-assisted doors throughout the building and a wider entrance gate at the main entrance on Floor 0 for users in wheelchairs.  

There are accessible toilets on Floors 01 and 02 of the Library.  

Blue badge parking is available on street level (Suffolk Road), and the nearby lift in the Lecture Theatre building can be used to access the main entrance on walkway level. Once on the walkway level, the entrance to the Library is opposite the main Lecture Theatre doors. Please be aware that access to the Lecture Theatre lift is via campus card swipe so you will need your campus card with you.


Library Tours

We have a number of tools you can use to familiarise yourself with the building and find your way around: 

If you need more assistance and would like someone to walk you around the Library, please email the Library Helpdesk. We will arrange a date and time to meet you and show you around, please let us know in advance which elements of the Library you would like assistance with.


Study Rooms and Lockers

Any student may book an individual study room (carrel) in the Library using Booker. There is one wheelchair accessible carrel on Floor 01 (01.20) and there are a small number of Student Services Carrels which can be allocated for longer periods of time to neurodiverse students or students with a disability.

There are eight lockers located in the entrance foyer of the Library which are issued by Student Services. You may find the location of these more accessible than the other lockers located throughout the Library.

Please contact Student Services if you wish to enquire about use of an accessible locker or an Student Services Carrel.


Quiet Hour

Quiet Hour in the Library is every Thursday from 9am-10am. During this time Library staff will avoid scheduled works in the building, encourage other users to keep discussions to the designated group study areas, and respond as quickly as possible to Noiseline complaints. We hope this will help you to feel empowered to use the Library at this time if you experience sensory overload.

You can text the Noiseline anonymously on 07824301748 if you are being disturbed at any time in the Library. It is monitored by staff 24 hours a day and we will respond in person to assist, just let us know the problem and your location.

Student Services

There is a wealth of support available to you during your time at UEA. For full details please contact Student Services.  


Do you need help fulfilling your accessibility requirements in the Library? Speak to our friendly Helpdesk team.