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Study Spaces

Find out what types of study spaces UEA Library has to offer.

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The Library has a wide range of study spaces to meet your needs, including silent and group working spaces as well as relaxing spaces for breaks.

Studying in the Library

Most study spaces in the Library are walk-in, so you don't need to plan ahead and can drop in and find a space to suit you. 

Informal and Collaborative Working

Our informal and collaborative working areas are great places to work in groups, talk and eat food.

  • Floor 01 room 01.36
  • Floor 0
  • Floor 1

IT Labs

Need to attend an online teaching event or contribute to an online lecture or seminar? Our IT labs are perfect (plus we have headsets available to loan at the Library Helpdesk). 

  • Floor 0
  • Floor 1

Silent Study Rooms

Prefer it to be quieter while you study? We have silent study floors, plus silent study rooms. If you need to take a break from your studies, visit Head Space at the Library as a place to pause, on Floor 1.

  • Floor 1
  • Floor 02

Silent Study Floors

  • Floor 02
  • Floor 01 
  • Floor 2
  • Floor 3

Other study spaces in the Library include individual study booths on Floor 01 which do not require booking in advance. You can also find computers on the open floors and around the edge of Floor 2 and 3. Room 0.10 on Floor 0 can be booked for viewing audio-visual material. It is equipped with large screen, soundbar, multi-region DVD player and black-out curtains. 

We get busiest during weekday afternoons, so if you prefer to study in the building when it is quieter we suggest you come in during the morning or evening.

Booking a Study Room

If you would like to use an individual study room, or a group study room, you can book these up to 7 days in advance using Booker.  

Individual study rooms can be booked in 4-hour timeslots, group study rooms are booked in 2-hour timeslots. You can book a maximum of 1 individual room timeslot and 1 group room timeslot per day. 

Please see our step-by-step guide for further information on how to book a study space in the Library. 


Need to report noise or disturbance in the Library?

Text Noiseline anonymously on 07824301748 and we will investigate it for you.