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Copyright for Staff

Heading banner reading "Copyright for Staff"

The Basics

  1. As a general rule, you can make a single photocopy of a "reasonable" proportion of a published work, typically up to 5% of a book, or one chapter of a book, or one article from a journal for your own private study. This is permitted under the terms of the Copyright Exception for Personal research & private study [Section 32] provided your reason for use is consistent with the concept of fair dealing. Up to 10% is permitted if the work is also covered by UEA's CLA License which can be checked using the CLA Permissions Checker.
  2. In your teaching, providing durable links (URLs) to readings for your students as part of your online reading list updating (Talis), is easier than uploading a PDF to Blackboard. 
  3. If linking to readings is not sufficient, under UEA's CLA license you may also be able to make copies for your students (up to 10% of a work). The easiest way to manage these is to use the Library's Digitisation Scanning service which will undertake the necessary checks and reporting, make the scans, pay any additional fees and add them to your reading list. For more detail see How to comply - step by step tab (above).
  4. You can also include quotes in your lectures and articles using the Criticism and review Copyright Exception [Section 30]. 
  5. When reusing or copying a work, always include acknowledgement and attribution of the author wherever possible.
  6. If you are looking to use images, you can also search for CC-licensed and public domain content via search services like OpenVerse that bring together images and materials for reuse under open licenses.
  7. If you are looking for films and videos, check out UEA Library's subscription to Box of Broadcasts, which can be used in conjunction with UEA's ERA Licence to share programmes and embed clips in presentations provided that they are uploaded on a secure server and only accessible to students on the course.  If you cannot find the recording you want in Box of Broadcasts, please contact your Academic Librarian and they will advise on whether there are alternative ways to provide the recording.
  8. To be on the safe side, you might like to work through How to comply - step by step tab (above).
  9. As a last resort, you can contact the rights holder directly to seek permission but this can be a complex and long-drawn out process which we will not necessarily be able to support you with. A better option is to find an alternative third party work to use.