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Visitors are welcome to use the UEA Library between 7am and 7pm every day. You will need to sign in at reception to enter the building.

If you would like access for longer you can apply for an access only card, which costs £10 for one year’s membership and gives you access to the building 24/7.  

If you’re interested in being able to borrow items, you can apply for an external borrower card, which costs £50 for one year, and allows you to borrow up to 20 items as well as access the building 24/7.  

Please note, only current UEA students and staff members can access our full collection of e-resources. We offer a limited range of e-resources to visitors and external library members via the Library PCs – You can view the list of visitor e-resources here.  

We appreciate that you have thought of us, but sadly we are unable to accept any donations at present. We have limited shelf space available, and we have to prioritise for new core reading books for our students.