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Library Search Update

The Library Search interface is getting an upgrade! The new Library Search will be clearer to read, easier to use, and mobile friendly. You'll still get all the same search results as before, but the user experience will be enhanced. 

The new interface will be going live on July 30th!

Test the new Search Interface Now!


What Will Change?

Currently, all facets and filters are displayed on the right when using Library Search.

Screenshot showing current Library Search with facets and filters displayed on the right

The new version does not display these, but they can be accessed by selecting the 'all filters' menu.

Screenshot showing the 'all filters' menu on the new Library Search

Currently, you need to select 'UEA Access' to access the full text. 

Screenshot showing Library Search result with 'UEA Access' link underneath

The new version of Library Search has an 'access options' menu. To access the full text, select 'view online'. 

Screenshot of new Library Search result showing 'access options' drop down menu

The additional filter for authors will no longer be available.

Screenshot showing 'authors' filter on current Library Search

However, author and title key word searches or advanced searches can be used instead to achieve the same result. 

Screenshot of new Library Search with advanced search options to allow author or title keyword searches

Citations can be organised into folders if you choose to. 

Screenshot showing current Library Search folders area

The new update changes the folders label to 'projects'. Whilst all citations have been migrated to the new interfaces, folders have not. However, to ensure a smooth transition if you have used folders, the current Library Search interface will remain accessible until December 2024. If you want to migrate folder structures, this should give you time to do so.

Screenshot showing new 'projects' option to replace 'folders'

  1. Go to the old Library Search. Make sure you are logged-in and go to Folder.

Folder area in toolbar, on old Library Search

  1. Most items saved under My Folder, should already be in your Saved area on the new Library Search

Saved items area in new Library Search

Items that will not be automatically migrated are:
•    Items in My Custom folders
•    Saved Searches
•    Search Alerts
•    Journal Alerts
•    Persistent Link to Searches
•    Notes
•    Pages
•    Companies
•    Webpages
•    Other content sources

  1. Saved items in your My Custom folders are not migrated.  You will need to move them to the new Library Search using the following steps. Important: You must do this before the end of December 2024, before we lose access to the old Library Search
  2. In Folder scroll down to My Custom folders on left-hand pane.  Choose the folder you want to move across and click on Articles

Custom folder in old Library Search

5.    Tick the box Select/deselect all to select all items in the folder, or just tick the ones you want to move.  Click Copy To, and choose My Folder

Dropdown menu to Copy To My Folder area

6.    This copies those items into your My Folder. You will find the articles are now in the Saved section in the new instance of Library Search.

Saved article in new Library Search

Recommended Reading Lists will no longer be linked to the individual entry on the search result list. 

Screenshot showing a search results with link to recommended reading lists

Recommended Reading Lists and Library Subject Guides will be found under the related resources link towards the bottom of the results list. 

Screenshot showing new search result format with recommended reading lists at the bottom of the display

What is New?

This brand new feature allows you to explore relationships between concepts and use them to construct search terms to pass to the discovery interface. 

Screenshot of the new concept mapping feature

This feature can be used to search and link to top, third-party resources and databases. 

Screenshot of new Library Search supplemental sources feature

You may see featured results appear on the new Library Search. These will have been set by the Library, helping to highlight useful information and top tips. 

Screenshot of new featured results placard

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