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Navigating the Library Building

As you first enter the library building, to your right there is a set of stairs that leads down to the cloakroom toilets.

Toilets are located on all the floors of the library:

  • On the main staircase, male and female toilets alternate on each level.
  • On the west stairs we have gender neutral toilets on each floor, except Floor 1, where these are reserved for staff.
  • On Floor 01 in the extension stairs are female toilets
  • On Floor 01 by the main staircase, and Floor 02 by the extension staircase are disabled toilets

Toilets are also marked on our floorplans.

The Library main entrance is on Floor 0.

We have six floors altogether: below Floor 0 we have 01 and 02. Above Floor 0, we have floors 1, 2, and 3. Always double check whether a floor number has a “0” in front of it, as this is often a cause of confusion! 

Check the ‘find your subject’ poster on the doors to the main stairs on Floor 0. Or, pick up a ‘find your subject’ flyer from the Library Helpdesk. You can also ask for directions at the Library Helpdesk. Check out our floorplans page for a breakdown of which subjects can be found on each floor.

The extension is the newer part of UEA Library. When you enter the Library on Floor 0, head through the entrance gates and walk straight ahead into the IT suite. The IT suite is in the extension, and there is a staircase and lift at the far end of the IT suite which you can use to reach the extension on other Floors. The Floor 1 extension is also an IT suite. On Floors 2, 3 and 01 the extension contains bookshelves and study spaces. On Floor 02 the extension is where you can find the Rolling Stack.