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Education: PGCE

Subject guide for Education

Key resources for PGCE

Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE)

A UK based children's literacy charity working with primary schools. Their website offers a wide range of free teaching resources for primary teachers. Sign up for a free account. They also conduct research and publish reports on their website.


Curriculum and Learning Resources Collection (CLRC)

The CLRC collection is available for EDU students to borrow. It contains a wide range of resources to support teaching in the classroom. These include DVDs of foreign films to support MFL teaching, class sets of timers for range of activities, story sacks with big picture books and accompanying objects to help tell the story and artefact boxes for religions and for countries. There are also textbooks and books with ideas for teaching. These resources can all be found on the catalogue and are located on floor 1 of the library.

Finding resources in the CLRC

A brief guide to how the resources are organised within the CLRC. This is not an exhaustive listing of the topics covered in the CLRC just an indication of the broad topics and their location.



Study skills

LT 400

English language

LT 500 - 1160


LT 700

Drama (secondary level)

LT 1160


LT 1400


LT 2000

Science (general)

LT 2500

Physics / physical science

LT 2600


LT 2700

Biology (general)

LT 3100

Design & technology (not craft)

LT 3700

Information technology

LT 4000


LT 4100

Local studies

LT 4490


LT 4500


LT 5555

Health & social care

LT 5600


LT 5700


LT 6050


LT 6200


LT 6400


LT 7200

Food / food science

LT 7900

Customs/ Rites / Festivals

LT 8700


LT 9300

Within each subject it may be further broken down using the following numbers:

LT **05                Early Years

LT **10                Key Stage 1/2

LT **20                Key Stage 3/4

LT **26                GCSE

LT **27                A Level

ie. Early Years Science will be LT 2505

Storysacks and suitcases of history

 These items can be found in UEA Library Search by looking for either 'suitcase' or 'storysack' as a title search. Some of these items are housed in the Archives because they contain either genuine historical artefacts or many small items considered too vulnerable for open access. These items must be requested in advance at the Library Helpdesk.

Times Educational Supplement

You now have unlimited access to Tes magazine subscriber content as part of your EDU’s new subscription.

You can read breaking news; in-depth analysis; world-leading teaching and learning guides and research reviews; and investigations. 
All you need to do is create your profile at using your UEA email address (if you already have an account with a personal email address, you will need to create a new profile with your UEA email to access Tes magazine).

Press Reader

Press Reader makes lots of newspapers and magazines available in a browsable format. For more details on how to access this resource, please see this Sway

Children's literature

We have an extensive collection of children's literature located in the Main Library on floor 2. As well as classic literature, a selection of new works are added every year including books shortlisted for both the Kate Greenaway and Carnegie awards.

The collection includes:

picture books (PX 1000)

fiction for primary students (PX 5200)

fiction for secondary students (PX 5400)

Young Adult / teenage fiction (PX 5600)