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Copyright for Students

Copyright in Your Own Work


How to Protect Your Own Copyright 

During your studies at UEA you will create original work that is subject to copyright. The University’s position with regard to the ownership of the copyright in any work you create as a UEA student is set out in full in sections 5 and 6 of the University's Intellectual Property Regulations and in the Student Intellectual Property Guide. Key points are: 

Copyright protection starts as soon as a work is created. 

The duration of your copyright depends of the type of work. 

For taught students (undergraduate and Master’s level postgraduate): the University will not claim ownership of copyright (or any other intellectual property) in work created by these students, unless by written agreement with the student or student’s sponsor. 

For research students (PhD level): The University does not claim any copyright on materials created by research students. However, as a precondition of registration for their research degree all research students agree to formally assign any Intellectual Property arising from their studies to the University should the University, at its sole discretion, request them to do so. 

If you own the copyright in a work you have the exclusive right to: 

  • make copies of that work 
  • issue copies, rent or lend that work 
  • perform, show, play or otherwise communicate the work in public 
  • adapt the work, or do any of the above in relation to an adaptation of that work

Copyright enables the rights holder to prevent others from copying, adapting or reusing their work without permission. 

The Intellectual Property Office has published guidance on ownership of copyright works