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UEA Library: Social Work

Key resources

There is a host of resources that UEA already provides, which can be accessed away from campus. You can see the full selection in our A-Z list, but here are a few that we think will be especially helpful.


This is the database you need to start using as soon as possible. It is a British database focusing on Social Work and Social Care issues. Importantly, not everything contained in Social Care Online will appear on the Library catalogue, so make sure you create a username and password for this resource and keep it in mind when researching for assignments.

Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts (ASSIA)

There are a number of indexes (which pull from a range of sources) that might be useful for you to access in search of Social Work material. Scopus is a really good option, with some useful tools to help you find additional research, but ASSIA is more focused to Social Science research so I would start there.


Psychology and Sociology are very closely aligned so I would consider accessing psychology databases when searching for research. The two prime candidates are PsycARTICLES and PsycINFO (both provided by the American Psychological Association). PsycINFO is my preferred option but I'd have a look at both in most cases.


Install the Library browser plugin


If you are accessing resources off campus or from a search engine, you need to have this installed to get the best experience. Do it. Install now.

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Need help?

1. There are loads of great guides on our Blackboard space - try here first.

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