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At UEA, you have access to millions of pages of newspaper and magazine content. You could use these to follow personal interests or catch up with news. But they are also a valuable source of information for your studies, providing both factual information and opinions along with useful reports, reviews, interviews, images and data. Although not academic sources, if you pay some attention to their context and are alert to potential biases, they can provide rich research content. 

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This resource guide is maintained by Grant Young. Please contact him or your school's academic librarian if you would like help or want to suggest amendments or additions to this page. 

Please watch this video (2 minutes)

This short video provides important information about our newspaper and magazine collections and gives you some good places to start looking.

Finding newspaper and magazines

It can be a challenge to find and access newspaper and magazine content. This guide is intended to help.

Some of our magazine and newspaper articles can be found via a Library Search, but most will not be listed there. So if you are looking for this kind of content you might be better off going directly to one of the resources listed below.

Our main newspaper and magazine collections are listed in the Database A-Z, but only a few of the individual newspaper or magazine titles are there. So to check whether we have an individual title you should look at the Journal A-Z. While this contains many of the magazines and newspapers we have, some are not indexed there and will only be found by searching or browsing relevant collections.

Online newspaper collections are very expensive and some are not available for institutional subscription, so there are collections/titles we don't have. If you're after a particular article in a title UEA doesn't have, and have a reference, then try Interlending. But if you want to do a more extensive search, you might need to visit another library or take out a personal subscription. Some of these options are also listed below.

Current and recent newspaper sources



1. "Sign in"
2. "Library or Group"
3. Search for "Anglia" and select UEA
4. Use "OpenAthens"

Facsimile and text

Optimised for desk/laptop or phone

7,000 titles (approx.), including: Daily Mail (2005-), Daily Mirror (2003-), Daily Telegraph (2005-), Daily Star (2003-), Guardian and Observer (latest 2 weeks only), El Pais (1976-), Hindu (2005-), Independent (2006-), La Figaro (2005-), Los Angeles Times (2005-), Times of India (2003-), Washington Post (2003-)

You can browse the PressReader catalog or search across the full collection

Gale Research Complete: News

Text only

Best used on desk/laptop

2686 titles, including: Daily Mail (1996-), Daily Mirror (2014-), Daily Telegraph (2000-), Eastern Daily Press (2011-), Financial Times (1999-30 day embargo), Guardian (1990-), Observer (1993-), Independent (1996-), The Sun (1997-), Times (1985-), Times of India (2005-), New York Times (1995-), Washington Post (2014-)

You can search across the full collection or use Publication Search to find a particular title


Text only

Best used on desk/laptop

8,000 titles (approx.), including most of those above. You cannot easily browse by publication, but can search across the collection or use the advanced search (Title) to target a publication

Financial Times   Up to date access to the Financial Times is available via the FT website. Sign up with UEA email to access all articles from 2005 to present.

Historic newspaper sources

Gale Primary Sources

Facsimile and text

Best used on desk/laptop

You can search across all the newspapers or limit your search to particular title(s)

ProQuest Historic Newspapers


Best used on desk/laptop

These are better searched individually.

Magazine sources - current and historic



1. "Sign in"
2. "Library or Group"
3. Search for "Anglia" and select UEA
4. Use "OpenAthens"

Facsimile and text

Optimised for desk/laptop and phone

  • Thousands of magazines, including: Apollo, ArtReview, BBC History, Business Today, Christian Science Monitor, Cosmopolitan, Country Life, The Critic, Elle, Empire, Esquire, Forbes, Foreign Affairs, Gay Times, Geographical, GQ, Grazia, Harpers Bazaar, Hello, Kirkus Reviews, London Magazine, New York Magazine, New York Review of Books, Newsweek, OK, Rolling Stone, Screen Education, Smithsonian, Town and Country, TV Times, Vanity Fair, Variety, Wallpaper, Washington Examiner, The Week.

Recent and current issues, ranging from a few months to several years

You can browse the PressReader catalog or search across the whole collection

Gale Research Complete

Text only

Best used on desk/laptop

You can search across these and other titles in the collection or use Publication Search to find a particular title

Other magazines

Web pages and Facsmilies

Optimised for desk/laptop or phone

Register and then log-in with your UEA email to gain access

Gale Primary Sources

Facsimile and text

Best used on desk/laptop

You can search across these magazines or limit your search to particular title(s)



For a few titles we only have main articles rather than the full content of the magazine.

Best used on desk/laptop

  • Vogue Archive (US version, 1892-current month)
  • Art and Architecture Archive, includes: Apollo (1979-2005), Architectural Review (1896-2005), Art Monthly (1976-2005), British Journal of Photography (1860-2005)
  • Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive, includes: American Film (1975-1992), Broadcast (1973-2000), Picturegoer (1921-1960), Screen International (1976-2000), Variety (1905-2000)
  • ProQuest One Literature, includes: Advocate (1997-), Artforum International (2002-), Atlantic Monthly (1857-1932), Commonweal (1988-), Esquire (1996-), Essence (1988-), Gay and Lesbian Review (1994-), Harpers Bazaar (1999-), Mother Jones (2001-), New Republic (1990-2000), New York Magazine (2005-), New York Times Book Review (1988-), New York Times Magazine (1997-), New Yorker (2002-), Out (2006-), Poetry Chicago (1998-), Sight and Sound (1996-), Smithsonian (1996-), Spectator (1996-), Wired (2008-)

You can search across these titles or collections or select a particular collection to search

Newspaper collections freely available online

In addition to the paid for collections above, there are many free historic newspapers available online. These links will help you find some of them:

Newspaper collections available by personal subscription

We are unable to subscribe to these collections as an institution, but it is possible to pick up a personal subscription. Some of the content in them will be available in UEA's Collections.

Newspaper collections available electronically at the British Library

In addition to many of the collections above, the following newspapers and newspaper collections are available electronically in the British Library Reading Rooms in London and Boston Spa:

  • From ProQuest: Le Monde (1944-2000), Scotsman (1879-1950), Times of India (1838-2010)
  • From Gale: Nichols Newspapers (17th and 18th cent), Daily Mirror (1903-2000), Financial Times (1888-2016), Independent (1986-2016), Picture Post (1938-1957), Punch (1841-1992), Sunday Times (1822-2016)
  • From UKpressonline: Daily Express (2000-), Daily Star (2000-)
  • From Readex/Newsbank: Early American Newspapers (1690-1922), African American Newspapers (1827-1998), Caribbean newspapers (1718-1876), African Newspapers (1800-1934), South Asian Newspapers (1864-1922)

You will need to register as a reader and double check availability before visiting. Note that many of the Readex/Newsbank Collections are also available to access remotely if you have a British Library card.

Finding newspapers and magazines in other libraries

You can search across the catalogues of more than 180 UK libraries (mostly university libraries) at the Jisc Library Hub. This searches books, journals and many magazine and newspaper titles:.


  • Go to the Advanced Search and limit your search to Document Type: Journals and other periodicals
  • If you know or can find an ISSN for the magazine or paper then you can search on this
  • The results will include print copies and electronic subscriptions. In most cases you will not be able to use another library's electronic subscriptions. They may also include items held in remote stores, which may not all be available to visitors.
  • If you do want to visit one of these libraries, check with them to see if you are able to visit and use the resources you want. In some cases, signing up for the SCONUL Access scheme can help you gain access.

Referencing newspapers

Some of the newspaper and magazine resources we have will enable you to generate references, though you will need to check they are consistent with whatever referencing style you are using. For useful information on referencing, including how to reference magazines and newspapers, see Cite Them Right.

Support for particular newspaper and magazine platforms

We recommend you expand any videos to full-screen for better viewing

Help in searching the ProQuest Platform (includes Guardian and Observer, the New York Times and many magazines) - a 30 minute tutorial


Help in searching on the Gale platforms: Gale Primary Sources (includes archives of the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Times, Economist and many other magazines and newspaper) and Gale Research Complete OneFile News (thousands of current newspapers and magazines):