Library Search is Getting Upgraded!

On 30th July 2024, UEA Library will be launching an updated user interface for Library Search. 

The new Library Search will be clearer to read, easier to use, and mobile friendly. You'll still get all the same search results as before, but the user experience will be enhanced. 


Test the new Search Interface Now!



Edmund Chamberlain, Head of Library Digital Services & Licensing said: “The current interface has remained unchanged since 2014, so this is a welcome change! The new version of Library Search has been created following several years of comprehensive user experience research and testing, and we are confident users will appreciate the updated interface and new features.”

The new search will be directly integrated into our website, accessible from the ‘Search all’ tab on the homepage

Some of the exciting new changes coming to Library Search include;


  • A visual concept mapping tool, allowing you to construct detailed searches using controlled terminology and facilitating the creation of complex queries with ease.
  • A new ‘access options’ menu which streamlines the process of accessing eBooks, articles and availability information for printed materials. 
  • A refined results display that focuses on readability, with filters moved to an easily accessible menu under the search bar. 
  • Fully mobile-responsive.
  • The replacement of the traditional ‘folders’ feature with ‘projects’, allowing you to continue saving and organising relevant resources (however, the existing folder structure will not be migrated to the new interface. If you wish to migrate folders you can still access the existing interface until 31st December 2024).
The new concept mapping feature


To ensure a smooth transition, the current Library Search interface will remain accessible until December 2024.

Want a sneak peek at the new interface? You can test it out here


Got any questions or concerns? Take a look at our dedicated FAQs page with more information. Or contact us at