Are you using or curious about Artificial Intelligence (AI)? We've created a brand new guide giving you the answers on how to use AI tools to support your study and research. The guide introduces reactive AI and generative AI, provides links to relevant University policy, and offers insights and case studies.

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Wondering if you can you use Wikipedia, social media, or AI tools like Chat GPT to do research? Your library team are here to help! 

We have guidance on finding the right kinds of materials and tools for your research in the "Types of information" section of your "First Assignment" tool. This guide explores different sources of information, how they might be useful and what to avoid when researching for assignments.

One of the big questions on all of our minds at the moment is Generative AI, what is it, can we use it, how should we use it? You will find a dedicated section in the Types of information guide which deals with Artificial intelligence. This AI tools page aims to explain the difference between reactive and generative AI and unpack UEA policy around the use of AI in study and research. 

Visit the AI tools page to find out more on:

•    What are AI tools? 
•    What is the UEA policy on the use of generative AI? 
•    What are the limitations of using generative AI in study and research? 
•    Green light ideas for using generative AI 
•    Red light activities where you shouldn’t use generative AI 
•    Creating prompts to assist study and research. 


If you’re interested in this topic and want to quiz our team beyond the AI tools guide you can also reach out to your Academic Librarian via the details on their subject guide.


You can also find more tips, tricks and advice on our First Assignment site to help you succeed with your academic work!